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Wok Republic

Wok Republic brings the Asian street directly to you, transparently and without any filters, only real fresh street food made from the utmost quality ingredients, brought  directly from the local markets. Meet up with Wok Republic food on the go, whether you are going somewhere or on your way home. Enjoy the food and connect with the experience, whether you are eating at one of our tables, enjoying a bite while riding your bike, on the sidewalks, at home or even sitting on the corner street railing.

Walk out of your home and enter the street experience!


Wok is a multipurpose cooking utensil of Chinese origin, frequently used in Chinese and far East kitchens. Used mainly for frying, stirring, steaming, deep frying and even soup making.

The wok’s shape heats it’s bottom quickly without extensive energy investment, and loses it’s heat upon removing from heat source, a characteristic which quickly stops the cooking process".


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